How To Find The Right IT Recruiting Partner


There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about working with a recruiter. Many people believe that because recruiters are paid by their client companies, they don’t put their candidates first. While it is true that recruiters are not paid by job-seekers, the fact is, they cannot succeed if they don’t make strong matches that leave both the candidate and the client happy. That being said, not every recruiter does put their clients first. Here are the signs to look for so that you know you’ve found a recruiter that cares about you.

Do They Talk To You About Your Goals?

Any recruiter that doesn’t ask you about your short-term and long-term career goals might not put your needs first.  When you meet with a potential recruiter, you should feel like they are genuinely interested in your preferences and should talk about their ability to accommodate those needs.

Honesty is important in any relationship with a recruiter. They should also ask you about your salary and benefits requirements, and should be honest with you about what you can command in the market based on your skills and experience.

Do They Communicate With You At Every Stage?

A recruiting firm that puts you first will make sure that you are informed of where you stand through every step of the process. When they have a position that they think aligns with your skills and your goals, they should talk to you about it in detail, outlining the responsibilities of the job, the type of person the company is looking for, what the company culture is like and what the next step will be.

If you agree to proceed, they should prep you for the interview so that you know what to expect. The recruiter should also connect with you afterward to get your feedback and provide feedback to you from the hiring manager. If you are in the running for a second interview or an offer, they should give you the timeline for a decision and let you know of any changes as they arise.

Are They Experts In Your Field?

Some generalists are great recruiters, but if you want to maximize your chances of finding your ideal job through a recruiter, choose someone with true expertise in your niche. People who focus on one field and who have been in that field for several years will truly know the market and will have a well-established network to draw from as they work to help you achieve your goals.

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