For Your Career’s Sake, You Need to Stop Doing These Things on LinkedIn


By now you know how important it is to your career to be active on LinkedIn. However, there is a right way to be active on the platform and a wrong way. In fact, you can make some very serious mistakes on LinkedIn that could impact your ability to use the platform to further your career. For the sake of your future, stop doing these things on LinkedIn today.

Stop Thanking and Commenting on Every Single Post

If you’re on Facebook, odds are you are friends with somebody (or a few somebodies) who incessantly “like” and/or comment on every post you generate. It’s annoying, right? The same holds true for LinkedIn. It is important to be active on LinkedIn and to interact with your network, especially influencers, but if you overdo it, you run the risk of annoying and alienating people – or worse, looking like you have nothing better to do with your time. People do notice the time of day you do these things, as well. If you’re spending all day commenting on LinkedIn, you’re obviously not focused on your work.

Stop Avoiding A Professional Headshot

Getting a headshot isn’t expensive. There are lots of photographers out there trying to build a portfolio who will gladly give you a low rate. You may even have a friend who is a whiz with iPhone photography who could do it for you in exchange for dinner at your house.  Stop clinging to a picture from 15 years ago, don’t leave your picture blank, and do not use an icon or logo as your personal picture.  Whether it’s fair or not, people will make judgments about your LinkedIn image, so instead of avoiding it, embrace it. Take the time to get a properly-sized, new and professional headshot.

Stop Using “Creative” Titles

LinkedIn is a professional platform and people search it based on professional terms. They don’t look for “chief marketing gurus,” they look for “Marketing managers” “Chief Marketing Officers” or “marketing professionals.” You may think that a cute title shows creatively and provides a glimpse into your personality, and in any ways, it does. However, it won’t get you found by recruiters or hiring managers.

Stop Sending Mass Messages

Most people can spot a mass message a mile away, and many people inherently disregard them. Some people are even flat-out annoyed or offended by them. If you want to nurture real connections on LinkedIn, you’ve got to be real and authentic. If you expect people to take time out of their day to do you a favor or to help you out, do them the courtesy of sending them a truly personal message rather than blasting them with generic language.

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