Why Happy Developers Provide The Best Customer Experiences


Today’s digital marketplace is crowded and companies must take every opportunity to establish a competitive advantage. Delivering a positive customer experience is absolutely critical to attract new customers, keep existing customers and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.  Unfortunately, many companies fail to make the connection between a happy and productive development team and a strong customer experience.

If customers are stuck with glitchy software, they can’t do their own jobs well, and that leaves a bad taste in their mouths. When it comes time to renew a service contract or to allocate resources, your applications will get retired in favor of a program that helps the company run more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, those customers can spread the word quickly on social media that your product and customer experience are subpar, which can taint other relationships.  So, if you’re thinking about delivering a strong experience to your customers, you have to start thinking about the happiness and satisfaction of your development staff.


Happy Workers Are Productive Workers

Unhappy employees are simply incapable of doing their best work, and that includes developers. If a developer doesn’t want to be where they are, they make mistakes, they miss deadlines, and they can drag down others around them. Employees that are happy and engaged move through their day productively. They are excited about tackling the challenges that await them and they take pride in solving problems and delivering solid results.

Happy workers are also more creative, which means they can innovate new solutions to customer problems and needs. Happy developers just create better products, and when the product is strong and meets the needs of customers, it also makes life easier for sales staff, marketing teams and customer support workers.


Cultivating A Happy Development Team

In order to cultivate a team of happy developers you have to think about what they need. First and foremost, they need to have the right technology and tools to deliver the desired results. Outdated technology will slow them down and cause them to work twice as hard, which leads to frustration.

Developers also need the space to work freely and attempt to solve problems creatively. Micromanaging them or enforcing too many policies and procedures will stifle creativity and cause developers to disengage. Developers who feel that their bosses trust them and support them will be much more willing to go the extra mile.

Finally, developers know that they can take their talents virtually anywhere. If they feel they are not being paid competitively or that their benefits and perks do not support strong work-life balance, they won’t feel good about working for your organization. Make sure that your salaries are in line with current market rates and that you offer full benefits as well as perks like flex time, remote work options and generous sick and vacation time.


Are You Looking for Development Talent?

If your organization is searching for developers with in-demand skills, effective recruiting, hiring, development and retention strategies are a must. If you are looking for developers and you want to improve your strategies, Footbridge IT can help. Contact our team of experts today to learn how we can help you achieve your development and technology hiring goals.


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