How to Find Undervalued Tech Talent and Coach Them to Greatness


The ever-increasing technology skill gap and fierce competition for talent continue to vex hiring managers across the country as they struggle to fill key IT positions. If you want to develop a strong tech team in your organization given this difficult landscape, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. Instead of focusing on landing your ideal “big fish,” consider identifying undervalued tech talent and coaching them up.

Look For Passion

While you must hire people who have the minimum basic skills to succeed, don’t overlook the importance of passion when evaluating candidates. Skills can always be taught, but true passion for the IT field cannot. Passionate people come to work ready to roll up their sleeves and dig in. They are excited about trying new ways to solve problems and they help other members of the team find their own passion, as well.  Employees with passion will embrace learning new skills and training in new job functions because they truly want to make meaningful contributions.

Hire Coachable Candidates

Another important trait to look for when identifying undervalued tech talent is coachability. In technology, best practices and processes are always changing. Growing companies are also in a state of continual evolution. While it’s great to have a team of A-talent, those people will not be valuable if they struggle to or refuse to adapt.

Coachable people are willing to follow your lead. They’ll go where they are needed and they are open to learning your company’s ways of doing things. This ensures that they won’t get pigeonholed into a single role, but can step up and branch out to meet needs as they change over time.

Look For Transferable Skills

Yes, tech skills are critical, but you also want to identify transferable skills, as well.  This might mean considering a candidate who has very limited tech experience, but has managed complex projects in marketing, for example.  Think about the qualities you’re looking for in a new hire, and look beyond their tech experience to see if they possess those skills. People from all types of backgrounds have creative problems solving skills, strong analytical abilities, excellent communication skills, adaptability, flexibility and resilience.

Are You Ready To Overcome Your Tech Recruiting Challenges?

When it comes to winning the war for talent, organizations must start thinking outside the box.  Adhering to the old ways of recruiting will keep you spinning your wheels and will ultimately cost you great people. Instead, start identifying undervalued talent and coaching them to success, and watch your team flourish over time.

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