How to Tackle an Overwhelming IT Project


In today’s tech environment, IT projects are becoming increasingly complex. Not only that, but IT teams are always being asked to do more with either the same or even fewer resources. Complex and large tech projects can weigh on even the most talented professional, but you don’t have to let one project ruin your passion for your work. Use these strategies to successfully tackle an overwhelming IT project.

Just Get Started

The longer you stare at your list of tasks without moving forward, the more overwhelming the project will seem. Grab a cup of coffee, set a timer on your phone for 30 minutes and get started on one thing. Half an hour may not seem like much, but getting started is often the most difficult part of any overwhelming task. Most people find that once they get those first 30 minutes under their belts, they feel productive and it’s much easier to move forward.

Set Daily Goals

As the old saying goes, you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Instead of focusing on the size and workload associated with the project, break the project down into milestones. From there, set realistic and manageable daily goals. As you move through your day and check items off your list, the project will seem much less overwhelming.

Ask For Help

Most members of the IT team are busy, but there are likely members of the group who can find the time to contribute an hour or two a day to help navigate the project. Perhaps you have a developer who works all day with Ruby on Rails but would kill for the opportunity to work in Python every now and then. Gather the group, tell them what you need help with and redistribute some of the work.

Touch Base Regularly

Meetings can be a drag on productivity, but gathering the group together for five or ten minutes every morning for a touch-base session can be invaluable. Ask everyone where they stand with their portion of the project and what they need from other members of the team to achieve their goals for the day. This will open the lines of communication, allow you to spot potential bottlenecks before they arise and keep things moving forward as smoothly as possible.

Hire The Right People

Complex IT projects can only go smoothly if you have the right team members in place to make it happen. If you are looking for highly skilled IT professionals to help move your projects forward, partner with the team at FootBridge IT. As a leader in tech recruiting in Boston, we have developed an effective process for matching our clients with the right candidates at just the right time. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today.

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