Bad Day on the Job Hunt? Here’s How to Get Over It


Job hunts can be emotional roller coasters, and if you’ve had a particularly bad day, it can be completely demoralizing. Maybe you drew a blank in an interview or called the hiring manager by the wrong name. Perhaps you sent an application out for ABC Corp when you were really applying to XYZ, Inc. Bad days happen to everyone on a job hunt and sometimes, it can be enough to make you want to throw in the towel. If you’ve had a bad day on the hunt, here are some strategies to help get over it.

Talk It Out

It’s ok to throw yourself a mini pity-party when things go wrong. Sit down with your spouse or a good friend and tell them what happened and how you’re feeling. This will help you work out your emotions, and if you choose the right person to vent to, they may even provide you with a little self-esteem boost.

Learn From Your Mistake

Pinpoint the mistake you made that contributed to the bad day. If you blanked out on an interview question, practice answering that question every day. If you failed to double-check your resume or cover letter for accuracy and appropriateness, commit to taking the extra time to review your documents on your next application.

Find Something That Makes You Laugh

Watch funny YouTube videos, pull up a comedy on Netflix or meet up with a friend that always leaves you in stitches. They say laughter is the best medicine, and that’s always true if you’re having a bad day. Laughing can take your mind off your troubles and put you in a more positive frame of mind.

Get Your Body Moving

Lace up your sneakers and go for a walk, a jog or hit the gym to get your endorphins pumping. When your body feels good, your mind will follow. Not only will you get a natural happiness boost, you’ll also be doing something good for your body and physical health.

Get Back on the Horse

The best cure for a bad day on the job hunt is productivity. Commit to putting the bad day behind you tomorrow, and then take an extra 10-15 minutes every day for the next week to do a little bit of extra work. Yes, you may have blown your chances with one job, but there are other companies out there looking for someone like you.

Partner With a Recruiter

Job hunts can be less stressful when you have a professional recruiter on your side. Not only will they increase your chances of finding a job that is the right match, your recruiter will also help you prepare for interviews, review your documents and provide feedback after an interview so you can improve in the future.

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