What DevOps Skills are Companies Really Looking For?


There was a time when DevOps was only utilized among startups delivering applications and services. Over time, however, DevOps has made its way into the mainstream and DevOps professionals suddenly find themselves in high demand. However, because DevOps is more of an approach than a specific skill, it can be difficult for tech pros to know what skills companies are actually looking for. Every employer will have its own criteria and priorities; however, these are some of the most important skills that nearly every hiring manager will want to see.

Continuous Integration Tools

Continuous integration (CI) is extremely important for DevOps. CI is a methodology that merges source code updates from each developer working on a project and instantly notifies the group when a failure occurs. CI allows for real-time feedback on program development and helps keep every developer engaged in the process. There are a variety of CI tools, but employers are most commonly looking for skills in CruiseControl, Jenkins, Bamboo, Go, Hudson, Anthill Pro, TeamCity and Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server.

Fluency In Web Languages and Infrastructure Automation

Most employers need DevOps pros to be fluent in common languages like Ruby, Python, Java and PHP. They are also looking for proficiency with tools like Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, Chef, Docker, and Windows PowerShell DSC.  Make sure to study requirements for languages and automation before you apply, but don’t fret if you’re lacking one or two. It is much more important to demonstrate that you can learn quickly and are committed to keeping your skills sharp. Employers are more than willing to hire a candidate who might need a little more training in a language if that candidate is passionate and committed to learning it.

Soft Skills

Yes, your “hard” skills matter when seeking a DevOps role. However, because DevOps is all about collaboration, soft skills are equally important to hiring managers.  DevOps professionals have to constantly navigate different priorities, they must work with people who often have strong personalities and who have different philosophies about how to get the job done. This means you must have strong communication skills, a high level of emotional intelligence and just the right amount of diplomacy in order to succeed. Employers are also looking for excellent written communication skills, highly-developed problem-solving abilities, teamwork, team building, negotiation skills, and adaptability.

Additional Skills And Certifications

If you’re looking to prove you’re a well-rounded DevOps candidate, certifications in project management, Scrum master and risk management can lend to your credibility. Don’t forget to showcase other important skills like code development, application programming, database management, software architecture, system design and a genuine interest and expertise in software build cycles.

Are You Looking For A DevOps Position?

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