Follow These Expert Tips to Improve Your Hiring Strategy in 2018


Are you still trying to solve the tech hiring puzzle? You’re not alone. You can bet that 2018 will be another year full of recruiting challenges in IT and technology. Use these expert tips to improve your hiring strategies for the new year.

Align Your Interview Team

When hiring is a team activity, it can spell trouble. You can narrow the field to several qualified candidates and not be able to choose because everyone has a different idea of what they want. Before you even begin evaluating candidates, settle on a set of criteria. Decide which skills are non-negotiable, which skills you can be more flexible with, and the personal traits and qualities that lead to success.

Create a checklist of those skills and attributes and use them as an objective source of evaluating candidates. This may not completely alleviate disagreements when it comes time to make an offer, but it can remove a lot of the subjectivity from the process.

Plan Ahead

If you don’t have a strategic hiring plan in place, set aside time this month to work on it. Have each manager create updated job descriptions for team roles. Then, inventory your existing team for those skills and determine where the gaps are. These will be skills you will look for in new candidates throughout the year.

Next, look at the strategic plan for the organization for the calendar year. Do you have a major contract about to close? Are you launching a new product? Determine whether upcoming changes will require hiring. Create job descriptions for those roles and begin planning now for any staff augmentation or permanent hires that will be required to navigate the changes successfully.

Build A Pipeline

With your strategic plan in place, you can start to build a talent pipeline of passive candidates. These are talented individuals who have the skills you’re looking for, but who are not actively looking for a new job. Passive candidates are often higher-quality than active candidates off the street, and they tend to have a higher rate of retention. Building those relationships takes time and effort, so the sooner you start the work, the better.

Forge A Recruiting Partnership

Even if you take measures like these to improve your hiring processes, tech recruiting can often be an uphill battle. The market is tight, skilled talent is scarce, and salaries continue to rise. Now is the ideal time to build a strategic partnership with an IT recruiting firm that can help you craft better job descriptions, align your hiring team, create a strategic plan, and build a talent pipeline.

A partnership allows you to plug directly into cutting-edge tech recruiting strategies without taxing your existing team or spreading your resources thin. If you are ready to form a strategic staffing partnership with true IT hiring experts, contact FootBridge IT in Boston today. We can help you achieve your 2018 hiring goals, fast.


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