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Everything You Need to Know About a Career in Python

Python continually topping global rankings of programming languages. Though it has been around a while and the developer community is sometimes divided on the language, its popularity continues to soar. So, why is Python so popular? It’s Simple Developers love learning Python because it has a natural style to it. It is simple to read… Read more »

How to Get Your Start in Blockchain

Blockchain is popularly associated with Bitcoin and other cyptocurrencies; however, the technology is also expected to play a major role in tech security of the future. At its most basic, blockchain is a device used to keep track of digital transactions. It relies heavily on trusted users, often depending on how many transactions they make…. Read more »

What Tech Pros Need to Know About the Future of Employment

The labor market will continue to change in 2018, as technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) affect many industries, and mobile tech impacts the way people try to find a new job. Last year was a good year for many tech professionals. Those with valuable skills in data science and software development saw a significant rise… Read more »

Which Developer Languages Do You Need to Know in 2018?

Staying in touch with trends is critical for success in the modern IT job market. If you are a developer thinking about how to grow your career in 2018, these are the in-demand programming languages you need to know. Java Java has been one of the most in-demand languages for two decades. It has survived… Read more »

Will Your Job Survive AI?

Recent research from Gartner indicates that artificial intelligence (AI) will eliminate 1.8 million jobs by 2020, however, it will also create 2.3 million jobs. The people who will be impacted by this shift depends on industry and job title, but it is worthwhile for all tech pros to keep an eye on the AI and… Read more »

Learn How to Write Your Resume at an Executive Level Regardless of Your Role

Whether you’re at the top of the tech field, you’re just starting your career, or you are somewhere in between, your resume is the most important document you’ll ever create. Your resume is the first contact a recruiter or hiring manager has with you, and if you want to stand out from the competition, you… Read more »

Follow These Expert Tips to Improve Your Hiring Strategy in 2018

Are you still trying to solve the tech hiring puzzle? You’re not alone. You can bet that 2018 will be another year full of recruiting challenges in IT and technology. Use these expert tips to improve your hiring strategies for the new year. Align Your Interview Team When hiring is a team activity, it can… Read more »

Why IT Pros Must Have Lives Outside of The Office to Produce Their Best Work

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Happy wife, happy life.” Well, the same is true for your organization. When you have a happy IT team, you have a productive workforce and happy leadership. One of the most important ways you can keep your IT employees happy with their work is to provide them with ample time… Read more »

What DevOps Skills are Companies Really Looking For?

There was a time when DevOps was only utilized among startups delivering applications and services. Over time, however, DevOps has made its way into the mainstream and DevOps professionals suddenly find themselves in high demand. However, because DevOps is more of an approach than a specific skill, it can be difficult for tech pros to… Read more »

Red Flags to Look For When Hiring Tech Talent

Hiring and retaining tech talent in today’s market isn’t easy. You must find someone with the right skill set for each role, and you also need to keep an eye on the right personality and cultural alignment. However, as you check off all your “positive” boxes, it’s equally important to keep an eye out a… Read more »