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How to Find Undervalued Tech Talent and Coach Them to Greatness

The ever-increasing technology skill gap and fierce competition for talent continue to vex hiring managers across the country as they struggle to fill key IT positions. If you want to develop a strong tech team in your organization given this difficult landscape, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. Instead of focusing on landing… Read more »

8 IT Certifications That Will Boost Your Career Today

Every tech professional knows that the job market is competitive. You need to give yourself every advantage over the other pros vying for hiring managers’ attention. Certifications are an excellent way to boost your career, whether you’re looking to move up or move on to new challenges. Here are eight certifications you should consider that… Read more »

Why Happy Developers Provide The Best Customer Experiences

Today’s digital marketplace is crowded and companies must take every opportunity to establish a competitive advantage. Delivering a positive customer experience is absolutely critical to attract new customers, keep existing customers and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.  Unfortunately, many companies fail to make the connection between a happy and productive development team and a strong… Read more »

Looking for a Software Engineering Job? Try Cybersecurity

If you are an engineer looking for new opportunities, it might be time to consider the cybersecurity market. According to data from Indeed, there are only 66.7 job seekers for every 100 open cybersecurity jobs in the United States, which means now is a great time for software engineers to consider making the switch to… Read more »

Tips to Avoid Pitfalls During Automated Testing

Companies today are under extreme pressure to bring apps and products to market as quickly as possible. One way to help facilitate speed in the delivery process is automated testing. However, with automated testing comes significant risk. Many companies choose a single tool because they believe it will solve all of their testing problems. Unfortunately,… Read more »

4 Common Resume Mistakes that IT Job Seekers Make

Your resume is your ticket to a job interview. But if you’ve been applying for IT jobs like mad and you’re not booking any interviews, it might be time to examine your ticket.  If your resume isn’t striking the right chords with hiring managers, you’ll keep spinning your wheels. There are a few common mistakes… Read more »

What Kinds of Risks You Should Take Early in Your Career

With so many forces at work, people often forget that ultimately, they are in control of their own career trajectory.  Opportunities aren’t handed to you; you must make your own luck and take your own risks. The further along you get in your career, however, the fewer risks you’ll be able to afford to take…. Read more »

What IT Leaders Should Gather From the Big Data Market

Investing in new technology is risky business.  Often, the only information that decision-makers have to go on is speculation about similar organizations’ investments. Companies look to see where other businesses are spending their money in technology and make assumptions about whether or not that same investment will work for their firm. Decision makers also look… Read more »

For Your Career’s Sake, You Need to Stop Doing These Things on LinkedIn

By now you know how important it is to your career to be active on LinkedIn. However, there is a right way to be active on the platform and a wrong way. In fact, you can make some very serious mistakes on LinkedIn that could impact your ability to use the platform to further your… Read more »

How to Encourage Your Employees to Contribute More to the Company’s Vision

You may have heard of a management strategy made popular by Google in the early 2000’s called “20 percent time.” The strategy is simple: employees are given one full day per week to focus on a passion project of their own design that would drive the mission and vision of the company. That time is… Read more »