Which Developer Languages Do You Need to Know in 2018?

Staying in touch with trends is critical for success in the modern IT job market. If you are a developer thinking about how to grow your career in 2018, these are the in-demand programming languages you need to know. Java Java has been one of the most in-demand languages for two decades. It has survived… Read more »

Learn How to Write Your Resume at an Executive Level Regardless of Your Role

Whether you’re at the top of the tech field, you’re just starting your career, or you are somewhere in between, your resume is the most important document you’ll ever create. Your resume is the first contact a recruiter or hiring manager has with you, and if you want to stand out from the competition, you… Read more »

Red Flags to Look For When Hiring Tech Talent

Hiring and retaining tech talent in today’s market isn’t easy. You must find someone with the right skill set for each role, and you also need to keep an eye on the right personality and cultural alignment. However, as you check off all your “positive” boxes, it’s equally important to keep an eye out a… Read more »

Why Happy Developers Provide The Best Customer Experiences

Today’s digital marketplace is crowded and companies must take every opportunity to establish a competitive advantage. Delivering a positive customer experience is absolutely critical to attract new customers, keep existing customers and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.  Unfortunately, many companies fail to make the connection between a happy and productive development team and a strong… Read more »

Tips to Avoid Pitfalls During Automated Testing

Companies today are under extreme pressure to bring apps and products to market as quickly as possible. One way to help facilitate speed in the delivery process is automated testing. However, with automated testing comes significant risk. Many companies choose a single tool because they believe it will solve all of their testing problems. Unfortunately,… Read more »

The Current State of Women in STEM

In recent years, there has been a huge push to promote women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM ) from the federal government, private enterprise, scholarship administrators and leadership development organizations. Despite all of the attention, public relations and money thrown into this effort, there is still a pronounced gender imbalance in STEM professions…. Read more »

The Right Interview Questions to Ask Automation Engineers

There are millions of questions that hiring managers could ask a potential automation engineer in an interview, but it’s important to optimize your time so you can identify candidates who will truly be a strong fit. Include these questions in your next automation engineer interview. Tell Me About A Suggestion You Made That Was Ultimately… Read more »

What Does a Successful Technical Interview Look Like?

When you want to join a company’s technical team, you’ve got to jump through more than a few hoops during the interview process.  Most organizations won’t take you at your word that you have certain skills, they want to see them in action. Skills tests are extremely common, and as unpopular as they are becoming… Read more »

Should Your Company Create a Boomerang Strategy to Close Your Skills Gap?

The growing IT skills gap has been a burden on hiring managers across the country. The need for tech professionals with well-developed, high-level skills continues to rise, but colleges and universities are not cranking out enough graduates to keep pace with growth. As a result, some organizations are turning to former employees to close the… Read more »

Why Contract Employees are the Future of Tech Employment

In the wake of the economic crash of 2008, contract employees became the go-to solution for IT managers who needed access to highly-skilled talent but lacked the resources to utilize those professionals full-time. Today we are in recovery mode and purse strings have loosened up, but it is clear that employers are relying on contractors… Read more »